19 Jan 2017

Leading global CRM solutions provider C3 aims to more than double its revenue in next five years

  • Seeks to increase headcount in Philippines two fold to 5,600 in next two years

Manila, Thursday, January 19, 2017 – Leading CRM solutions provider C3/CustomerContactChannels will strengthen its operations in the Philippines and globally, fueled by its recent acquisition by private equity investor Everstone Capital and co-investor Sunrise BPO.

C3 says its global revenues are likely to double by 2022 as it expands into new geographies and enters new services lines such as Back Office Processing. It also plans on providing next-gen CRM solutions using Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence.

As part of its global growth agenda, the company plans to significantly increase its headcount in the Philippines from 2,800 to around 5,600 in next two years.

Sudhir Agarwal, Global CEO of C3 and founder of Sunrise BPO said: “In the Philippines, we are enjoying a revenue CAGR of over 50% while globally, we have witnessed growth of more than 60% over the past six years. The Philippines is crucial for us, not just in the region but for our global operations as well.

As part of our aggressive growth agenda, C3 is looking to increase its worldwide employee count from 8,500 to over 18,000 in the next five years,” Agarwal added.

Everstone Capital and Sunrise BPO completed the acquisition of C3 from US-based Stone Point Capital in December last year and formed Everise Holdings, based out of Singapore. Everise Holdings controls 100% stake in C3 and Agarwal was named as the Global CEO of C3. On the back of this acquisition, C3 plans to expand to other geographies with the support of Everise.

“We plan to expand operations to eight countries from three currently,” Agarwal said.

Speaking on the acquisition, Atul Kapur, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Everstone Capital, said: “Everstone is thrilled to support C3 in its goal to become a global CRM powerhouse. C3 has shown robust growth and Everise is ready to grow it organically as well as inorganically in the coming years—both in the Philippines and in other geographies.”

C3 is looking at the possibility of acquisitions in the Philippines and in other markets to support C3’s expansion into new markets and services lines, and Everise will work with its leadership on assessing such opportunities as they arise,” added Kapur.

Speaking on the economic environment in the Philippines Agarwal said, “We are excited to be in the Philippines, which is a key hub for the global BPO industry. We are looking forward to the robust growth of the CRM/BPO industry in this country, which is witnessing impressive economic growth.”

We believe C3 is ideally positioned to capitalize on the global appetite for high-performing customer experience organizations,” Agarwal added.

Kapur, who is the managing partner for the $3.3 billion asset under management Everstone Group, also underscored that the conditions in the Philippines were very conducive for C3’s expansion plans. “Philippines has a stable business environment, impressive human capital, an English speaking workforce, and strong economic growth,” he added.

Beyond the Philippines, C3 also has operating centers in the United States and Guatemala. Its services include sales, service, performance optimization, reputation management and complete customer lifecycle management via traditional, web, and emerging communication channels.

About C3
C3 provides a full range of customer contact management services for corporate clients in the healthcare, financial services, telecommunications, energy and utilities, media, travel, retail, logistics, hospitality, and government services industries, from both US and international locations. C3 provides multi-lingual support to clients and has seven operating centers across the U.S., the Philippines and Guatemala, with approximately 8,500 employees. C3’s US headquarters is in Plantation, Florida. Visit www.c3connect.com

About Everstone Group
The Everstone Group is a premier India and Southeast Asia focused private equity and real estate investment firm with assets under management of US $3.3 billion. Everstone has over 200 people working across six offices—Singapore, Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Mauritius and London. The firm’s strong presence and network in India and Southeast Asia allows its existing and new portfolio businesses to build operations in the region and beyond. Everstone has been awarded ‘Private Equity Firm of the Year in India’ by Private Equity International for five consecutive years from 2011 to 2015.
For more information, visit www.everstonecapital.com